We redesigned Windows for gaming.

Atlas is a Windows version designed for gamers. Atlas users can enjoy higher framerate, lowered input delay & latency. Great for people on a low-end system, or high-end gaming machine.

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Reduced Processes

Reduce stress on your CPU, whilst lowering system latency.

Open Source

We're open source and transparent about our changes.

More Storage

The install size is dramatically lower compared to stock Windows.

Privacy Focused

With no telemetry, you can enjoy a non-intrusive Windows build.

Windows 10 vs. ATLAS

These tests are conducted on Atlas v0.5.2 & stock Windows 10 21H1.

processes graph


Atlas disables and strips lots of processes which run in the background on stock Windows. Processes aren’t too important, but you can compare your results to ours on the left, it’s mind blowing.

185 -> 35~

Ram Usage

All the bloated applications and processes that run in the background add up to effect a substantial amount on your total ram usage. We’ve gone ahead and removed the stuff you don’t need.

1.5GB -> 600MB~
memory usage graph
process latency graph

Process Latency

Latency is a sticky topic, but let’s just say that having a lower process latency is going to be better than having more. Atlas wins again, like the champ operating system it is.

3.09 -> 2.55

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Atlas has a friendly community full of tech enthusiasts. Meet new people and if you have problems setting up, or figuring out how Atlas works; you can always talk to the experts.

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