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A modification of Windows, designed for gamers.

It’s time to experience a new Windows experience. Designed for gamers, with improved in-game framerates and lowered latency.

The latest version is Atlas v0.3.2 (Nov 9 2023)
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F**k Windows Upgrade to Atlas

Windows is slow, clunky and unreliable. Atlas brings life back to your Windows system, designed to maximize performance and minimize latency. You will experience a smoother and more responsive Windows, and higher framerates over using standard Windows.


By Removing unnecessary components, disabling power-saving features, and optimizing services.


By fine-tuning processes, implementing an efficient power plan, and optimizing networking, you'll feel a difference.


By eliminating Microsoft's notorious tracking, pre-installed apps, and bloatware, you can feel confident when using Atlas.

Atlas vs. Windows

With reduced processes, lower RAM usage, and improved in-game framerates, why wouldn't you consider making the switch?

CPU Usage

We've reduced background CPU usage significantly. Nothing that you don't need will run in the background.

2-10% -> 0%
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Ram usage

Thanks to Atlas we've freed up 1.1GB of RAM usage from boot, which can then be allocated to other tasks.

2.3GB -> 1.2GB~
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1% FPS

In VALORANT, we saw a significant improvement in FPS lows. Boasting a more stable, and higher framerate.

217.5 FPS -> 365.91 FPS

What does our community think?

Our community is fantastic and reviews us with a significant amount of positive feedback. We take great pride in our high rating, which reflects our commitment for improving Atlas.

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4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot ->

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Reviews 44 - Excellent

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An open-source, GPL-3.0 project

We are an open-source project, licensed under GPL-3.0 and our GitHub repository has many stargazers. We would greatly appreciate it if you check it out and, if interested, consider contributing to our vision.

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If you can run Windows with this kind of performance... Jeepers Creepers.

— Linus Sebastian

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